Loren Molloy

Centereach, New York

Writer of children's books, soft spot for children nature and animals, speaks her mind no matter the matter especially with Sheeple, is pro legalization for medicial marijuana at a federal and state level, lover of PitBulls, Lightwarrior who believes in: Light, Love, Angels, God, Faeries, unicorns, Goddess' & Gods', ascended masters, Galactic Federation of Light, Ghosts, demons, A True Peace and Light-filled Earth, Hemp, solar energy, miracles and blessings! I love a vast number of movies from Silver Screens with people such as Cary Grant, Kathryn Hepburn, Bing Crosby, and Fred Astire. I also like Foreign Films like Crouching Tiger, High tension, and pan's labyrinth. I also like Anime, horror, sci-fi, Fantasy and my favorite is children's movies!!!! I Love Disney Movies! 12-13-2013 *********I have now lost over 113lbs and am so proud of my transformation!!!!!!****

  • Work
    • Self-Employed
  • Education
    • Centereach High School
    • Suffolk County Community College