Betsey Biggs

Hi, I'm Betsey. I'm an artist, composer, creative thinker and inveterate traveler who believes strongly that wandering, in every sense, expands creativity. And that everyone is a creative.

My own work -- which includes site-specific audio tours, large-scale video installations, multimedia theater, and participatory art experiments -- connects the dots between music, visual art, storytelling, technology, and geography.

I also love serving as a creative catalyst. After ten years of teaching music, art and digital media at Princeton and Brown Universities, I've relocated to San Francisco. I work with individuals and organizations who want to gain creative traction on their ideas through brainstorming, unblocking, and building a creative process - and of course I'm always interested in talking with folks about collaborating on extraordinary and creative ideas.

Take a look at my portfolio here, and drop a line if you'd like to chat, or just read my thoughts on creativity on my blog.