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Better Globe

Better Globe - Prosperity with Purpose.

The World's Best Sustainable "Charity" based on profitable business ventures.

Do you want a business that is GOOD for all parts including the environment and that gives you a PASSIVE INCOME at the same time? Yes or yes?

Better Globe AS is Norwegian registered since 2006. All activity is in Africa, but our customers and ambassadors comes from all over the world.

Buy trees, do good and earn money. Why not?
Why business instead of charity? see this movie:

Customers and Ambassadors support the fight of powerty, global warming and destertification by buying trees. We drill for water and we have built 4 schools so far. The 5th school is on its way up :-) for more than 1500 students in Kabale ( including deaf children in own deaf classes)

If you buy some trees you will own them for 20 years. 16 of this years you will get annual share-harvest. 1 tree cost € 17 and will give you € 208 back. While doing good! Join now.

Become a Better Globe Ambassador and earn commission from sales around the world, like many already do. Fulltime or part time. Can it be better? True or true?

See movie:

More information and tree purchase from the official BG web page. Please see the 4 minutes "movie" inside official web page here; PLAY MOVIE :-)

Official web page:

Our Forestry company; look here:

On that page you can also see our TREE Business magazine for Africa; MITI

When it comes to education we work closely with:

Our CEO Mr Rino Solberg: