Founded in Greenwich, New York, Margaret and Bob Stevens started Betterbee, Inc. in 1979. Located on their family-owned farm, the team at Butterbee strives to help beekeepers achieve their goals with quality products and customer service, as well as a superior healthy bees. Betterbee sells a full line of beekeeping supplies, including live honey bees and supplies for making crafts from products from the hive. Betterbee lives by their own saying, “Your partners in better beekeeping.” Betterbee currently offers a variety of bee types, including the Italian Queen bee and the New World Carniolan Queen bee. Each queen can also be shipped with other bees to create a hive more quickly. The type of bee purchased can determine several things, including how the bee survives through the winter, how quickly it creates a hive, and even whether or not it can be shipped. Betterbee takes all precautions to be sure that bees are not harmed during the shipping process, including providing ventilated and temperature-controlled vehicles. Packages have an estimated arrival date, but cannot be guaranteed, since shipping can vary depending on the hive strength and weather conditions. Presently, Betterbee holds memberships in the Eastern Apicultural Society of North America, the American Beekeeping Federation, the Empire State Honey Producers Association Inc., and the Southern Adirondack Beekeepers Association. Betterbee fulfills its philanthropic duties by supporting Heifer International, the Boy Scouts of America, and other charitable organizations.