Neil Beck

I was born in the wheat and sheep farming district of Katanning in South Western Australia where my Grandfathers both had 11 brothers and sisters.After World War II an Ex Army Truck converted into a country school bus got me to school at the age of 8. My 2 brothers and I went as far as the local Katanning Junior High School would take us and we each left school at 14 to work on the family farm. In 1953 the Korean War forced wool prices up to record levels, changed our family’s fortunes and we were then able to pursue higher education and matriculated by private study and correspondence lessons on the farm.After that I decided that I want to become a Doctor, so I went to the nearest Medical School which is 1700 miles away in Adelaide.I went into private Family Medical Practice in Perth Western Australia at the age of 25 with the ambition of being able to do everything from delivering babies, to treating pneumonia, to giving general anaesthetics, to taking out tonsils and appendixes. I wanted to be good at what I did, to be a wise Counsellor and to be a compassionate person who did his best for those in most distress. I soon found that those most often in serious distress, need and danger were people who had Mental Health Disorders. Also that Self Medicating with Social, Street or Medical Drugs was almost always due to Underlying Mental Health Disorders, and that this Self Medicating very often severely aggravated those Mental Health Disorders.