Michael Crook

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Hi my name is Michael Crook and I excel at finding and managing information. It is a passion of mine as I like to find out things about stuff. You could say it's the thrill of the hunt which got me attracted to Information Management in the first place.

I have a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Statistics and Ecology. I also have a Masters of IT, majoring in Information Management.

In a past life I was an Information Management Professional with over 14 years experience under my belt has worked in the following sectors: QLD State Public service (Building Service Authority), Federal Public Service (Taxation, Veterans Affairs, Family services), Non-Government Organisations (Legal Services, Community Radio) & Private enterprise: (Mining and Metal, Building and Construction, Water and Environment, Power & Industry & Civil Engineering).

Throughout my career I have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and skills regarding how to deal with Information including:

Finding it,

Managing it, keeping it safe and ensuring it goes to who needs it.

Manipulating it so it has meaning, and

disposing it, when it is no longer needed.

I can now bring these expertise's to help your small businesses deal with all your information needs.

What i can do for you is:

Find the information you need to give you the competitive edge.

Package information in a way which is meaningful to your business.

Provide advice in how you should manage your information.

In other words I will provide answers to questions in which may not have time to answer yourself.

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