Bettina Bautista

Bettina Bautista is a Filipino-Chinese-Canadian lifestyle and fashion blogger. She is a 14 year old 9th grader from the Philippines. She loves to play tennis, sketch designs and loves to go shopping anytime, anywhere.

She is referred to as il Giovane e alla Moda which means the young and fashionable.

Bettina got her inspiration to do her blog while reading magazine articles and fashion blogs. Since she is still new at these kinds of stuff, she will accept any comments or suggestions to make her blog improve.

As a fashion blogger, she will give you advice on what to wear and what not to wear. She will show you her amazing fashion finds and ootds. Her style will help you add a personalized touch to your clothes to show off your personality. She will be answering any questions about any fashion tips that you need.

As a lifestyle blogger, Bettina will share her amazing experiences as she goes through her teen years. As you can see, she will live life to the fullest because YOLO (you only live once). Since she is very open-minded, she will be accepting any suggestions of places to go to.