She likes to eat, lie in bed, & watch TV/movies. She's the type of person that likes to stay at home & yet loves to go out with friends. She's delighted just by being surrounded with books & fond of learning new things. She also likes watching hair/makeup/nail tutorials in Youtube. A frustrated rapper & pianist, & an actress-wannabe. An occassional singer & dancer in the shower. An unsuccessful vegetarian in the span of 3 days last 2008, & now trying to live healthy during weekdays only. She likes Italian cuisine & fastfood, coffee & tea. She'd love to have an opportunity to go to AU/NY/NZ/IT/GR/LND/PAR. Tries to balance everything she does. Has passion for reading & has a warm heart for old people. Automatically responds in "po" & "opo". An MCR fan & loves That 70s Show.

She likes to write for she belives that writing can say what the mouth can't speak. Bow.