Bettina Horvath

Vienna, Austria

Who am I? Mom to a wonderful son, a serial entrepreneur, a fervent student of personal development, a teacher, a SalesPartners trained coach, an internet wizard, digital strategist, inbound marketer (and Hubspot lover) and to some people a pain in the you know where because I never stop talking about what is possible for you and me to achieve, the human potential that is within all of us. I'm an eternal optimist who whenever she runs into an obstacle asks how can I get around/above/below/through it. Certainly not everybody's cup of tea, but most definitely mine :) I enjoy a good dose of humor and making fun of myself. Do take me lightly and serious at the same time - see, doing it again ... asking the impossible.... ;-)

After 17 years in beautiful Cape Town I returned to my roots and to give my son a European upbringing as well. I love it on both sides of the world and will forever be a citizen of either spot.

  • Work
    • Inbound Marketing & Sales Consultant
  • Education
    • Uniiversity of Life