Betty Brown

Texas, United States

All of us appreciate exactly what looks wonderful, don't we? I'm still confused as to why I'm said to be overly obsessed with 'beautiful things'. The more exact term could be perfectionist but I think I'm not really a perfectionist in lots of things in life, especially the ones that are less tangible.

It had been only recently that I discovered how depressing gift shopping could be. Over the most recent holiday shopping period, a friend of mine came and shared her anxiety while trying to find the best gifts for everyone for the upcoming holiday season. I didn't give it much thought as I assumed she was a rare isolated incident but a recently available study appears to confirm that my assumption is off the mark and there may be many more who have experienced the similar painful situation. Gift shopping has transformed into the major anxiety cause through the festive Christmas shopping period.

Having bought presents for my friends and family members on frequent basis, I often get compliments about my gift selection and yet it has never occurred to me that gift hunting can be such a horrendous experience. Instead of being negatively affected, I have instead found myself enjoying the creativity that gift manufacturers have been demonstrating over the years.

I have recently launched a personal blog in reaction to the growing frustration experienced during the gift shopping process. I don't deny the existence of hundreds or even thousands of sites displaying great gift ideas but I think everyone has a taste that is unique. My website serves two purposes. First, it acts as my own, personal library of the finest present discoveries. Next, I am sure it will be useful for everybody who knows they should obtain a gift but is still confused what gifts to get.