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Besides painting, I also love to save $ & use coupons!

All Coupon links will be shown at bottom of page.

The one's I like the best is Ebates & RetailMeNot so far, it has coupons to almost all stores like Sears, JCPenney, Lowe's, Target, Walmart, Kohl's, etc., plus grocery coupons. Saving money now with the economy the way it is, is cutting corners and that includes clipping coupons, turning a light out when you walk out of a room. SAVING MONEY where we can. I thought to myself when I signed up for Ebates, oh well we'll see what happens!

The thing I wrestled with each time I shopped at Walmart, Amazon and Kohl's is my bank also gives a cash back, although not as much I knew it (my bankcard) would be a sure thing. But thought it will only be $2 or $3 dollars I lose by trying out Ebates instead so that's what I did, I tried it out!

Well, I got my check today! Yes, it really works and does what it says it will. Not only do you get cash back but Ebates has great coupons to use also!

Now that I'm convinced I am going to pass on the good news about Ebates!! I try to save everywhere I can. Now, I will admit it's not the thousands or hundreds of $ as seen on TV. But we still got a check for enough to go out to dinner if we want!!!

Ebates? Yes!

I have added a few links of my own to. Including my Etsy shop :) after all, this is an About Me page right and I do love to paint.

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    • Retired Med. Lab. Technologist turned painter