Betty Chatzisavvidou

Hermoúpolis, Kikladhes, Greece

Where did I come from?

I was born in Stuttgart, Germany. As a child, I loved painting and constructions. As a grown up, I studied industrial and interaction design. This gave me a chance to work in a field that I love, collaborating with ad axem as their design lead, applying agile creativity methods to offer holistic solutions to all kinds of experience, interface and visual design problems.

My greatest love(s) though, are museums. Hopefully, one day I will be summoned to design an ambient intelligence system for one of them!

I really enjoy the illustrations in children’s books and despite the fact that I don’t really like Christmas, I enjoy them even if their theme is about Santa. So I intend to create my own illustration for a children book anytime - not so - soon...

  • Work
    • Design Lead, ad axem
  • Education
    • Industrial Engineer
    • Interaction Design