Eucabeth Omwenga

lawyer in Nairobi, Kenya

It is not always in me to write about myself but today I guess I woke up in the mood of just loving myself. A friend of mine once asked me : "Betty, who are you?" . I looked at him,stammered some few words and was not able even to make sense out of what I was saying. Am good at expressing myself on pen and paper rather than verbally. My teachers at school even noted that. So let me cut the chase and head to say a few things about Eucabeth or as most people call me Betty. So who am I?

Am a twin....yeah you heard that right,a fraternal one. My parents say that my twin brother was first and I came in second after roughly three minutes. I guess I fought hard in mum's belly but my brother overpowered me,making a statement early that he is the man.

I am a lawyer by profession passionate about advocating for upholding of human rights and looking forward to living in a society that is free from social injustice. I envision a society that is free from corruption and a world where human rights are enjoyed by all irrespective of age,gender,race, religious beliefs and political differences.

The law is the one thing am good at, its the only thing I will always en-devour to be good at no matter what. In life I have learnt one most important mantra that keeps me going : " You can't please everyone and you can't make everyone like you." There will always be ups and down in trying to reach your goal and you will meet various kinds of people as you try to get there. At the end of it,the pain of reaching your goal will only last a short while the pain of not trying will last a lifetime.

I am good at adapting to change,making friends and tackling challenges . At times when need be I embrace solitude.There some truths in me that are very like-able and they make me the person I am today. I will blow my own trumpet and name just but a few:



Justice pursuer

Truth seeker

Loving and Caring

God Fearing


A good babysitter ( I just adore kids)

I guess this few traits don't make me the most awesome person on earth,they make me have a purpose for life.

  • Education
    • Kenya School of Law