Betty Page

Mound House, Nevada

An experienced actress and model, Betty Page of LoveRanch recently launched her career as a companion. The Ranch's administrative center schedules her private meetings, which can include any combination of a variety of services. Betty Page enjoys meeting clients in any one of LoveRanch's appealing private rooms, joining a client for a pleasant evening out, or chatting on the Ranch's popular message board.

Ms. Page began working at the Ranch in January of 2013. Since that time, she has appeared with owner Dennis Hof at numerous live events. In addition, she routinely attends the Ranch's weekly Thursday tea parties with Mr. Hof and their colleague, Madam Dianne. Ms. Page appears regularly on the Ranch's Ustream channel, which airs each Friday at 9 pm Eastern time, 6 pm Pacific. She has also appeared on The Bill Cunningham Show, a high-interest program televised on broadcast channels across the country.

In her free time, Betty Page enjoys such varied activities as wrestling, yoga, and vegetarian cooking. An animal lover in all respects, she donates much of her spare time to volunteering with a local animal rescue crew. Active in the mixed martial arts (MMA) as well, she has made a number of professional appearances at MMA events.

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