Lizzie Longworth

Blackpool, Uk

So this is the page where I'm supposed to WOW you with a list of things I like, want to like, pretend to like and all the reasons why, if you're reading this page, you should want to work with me and use my blog as a promotional tool.

Well, I'm a mum, a 31 year old mum. I believe this is to be first and foremost in my life. I have 3 daughters aged 9, 7 and 4. One with a rare genetic condition and two others I believe bordering on genius. We home educate them all and as tough as it is, I believe I am rearing ( OK they aren't sheep) three beautiful, sensitive and thoughtful little ladies that I don't doubt will take over the world and make it a better place.
They love road testing toys, books, games, video games, snacks, clothing.. well lets be honest they are girls and there is 3 of them, they are excited by a postcard delivered personally to them never mind a package full of goodies!

I am the creative type, if you believe putting people in boxes and sticking a label on it is a thing. I will happily hand make anything before buying it and I believe that we as a social community need to do more to improve the environment and society for our children and for those that come after.
I love anything natural, organic or sustainable. I'm an animal lover and believe more needs to be done to protect them.
I have recently taken up yoga and I am beginning to find that inner peace that I once had before the onslaught of children, husbands and dogs! ( The latter two isn't plural, one of each is enough for any woman!)
I love music, movies and reading books... don't forget the long walks on the beach and margaritas!

I don't believe my blog has a style or that it fits into a neat little box that makes it easy for you to decide if my blog 'fits' what you're looking for but consider this, I always write honestly and productively about what I am reviewing. As a human, many aspects of life are touched upon on a daily basis so deciding if I'm a 'Fit' shouldn't be about whether I write about food, babies, fashion or whatever, it should be about how well I can convey your message through my writing and how many people that you wouldn't normally reach you now can through me.

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