Finally I'm making the right move. Step forward: My own page... MY OWN PAGE!!!!

THE page NO-BO-DY was waiting for but ME... And that's not right... Waiting for your own page... So I kicked MY butt and... Voila!

Get to know me a little:

Mother: I have and I am

Partner: I had and I have (exchanged the old one for a better one...)

Favo food: Dutch food, Morrocan too

Favo restaurants: t Zilt, Florilympha

Favo City's : New York, Amsterdam, Halifax, Marrakech, Londen, Barca, Palma, Milaan

Cannot: Chose

Can: Not chose

Music: Jamiroquai, Eméli Sandé, George Michael (my best friend in good or bad times), Gipsy kings, Justin Nozuka, Prince, Maria Mena, Bruno Mars, Mariza (fado), Michael Mc Donald, Ed Sheeran, Alicia Keys, Daniel Merriweather, Ruben Hein (not every song - please stop bothering your piano), Selah Sue und so weiter

Man: no I'm female

TV: watching but not interessted

Movies: Bridget Jones still best

Books: yes

Sites: Pinterest, Worldpress

Social: think so: Facebook, Twitter (rarely), Pinterest and I keep greeting people in the streets

Personal: outside smile with an insinde cry sometimes. Not needed but insecure, funny, warm, intelligent, mother of the greatest kid ever, creative and fair.