Jesus (Jesse) Hernandez

Jesus Hernandez received an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. After graduating the academy in 1980, Hernandez was stationed in Decatur Texas as a Highway Patrol Trooper. As a trooper he was assigned to the riot/civil disturbance team.

Hernandez was assigned/ detached on several occasions to local Police Departments, Sheriff’s Departments, the DPS Motor Vehicle Theft Service, Intelligence/Special Crimes Service, Texas Rangers, Narcotics, FBI, DEA, Municipal, Justice of the Peace, County, District courts as a translator/interpreter/transcriber.

Hernandez was part of Texas Department of Public Safety advanced accident reconstruction team. Aside from his regular enforcement duties, Hernandez was assigned to the Texas DPS Academy to train and instruct other local, state and international police.

In 1990 Hernandez transferred to Huntsville where he later was promoted to Sergeant. He conducted investigations in the narcotics field and other organized criminal activities in the Walker County area. He was transferred to Houston Texas as an undercover Federal Task Force Officer assigned to the HIDTA Unit.

In 1998 Hernandez transferred to McAllen Texas as a Narcotics Sergeant Investigator.

In 2000 Hernandez was asked by the Narcotics commander to transfer to Austin to be a Narcotics Instructor and head the Covert Operations School and start the Clandestine Laboratory Program for DPS and the Narcotics Task Forces.

Hernandez instructed and assisted with the WMD Awareness program for law enforcement agencies in Texas. Hernandez also instructed Survival Spanish for Law Enforcement.

Hernandez retired in 2004 and went to work for the Texas Engineering Extension Service (a member of the Texas A&M University Systems) as an adjunct instructor where he continued instructing the Enhanced Spanish Program to Law Enforcement, Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians in Texas. He continued to instruct the Basic Clan Lab course and the undercover course for Federal, State and Local Police.

In 2006 Hernandez went into the private security sector and until recently was the branch manager for the fourth largest private security company in the United States

Hernandez still holds a Special Ranger Commission from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The Hernandez family is looking forward to going home to central Texas.