Bev Fox

Newcastle upon Tyne

My career spans twenty-seven years as a creative practitioner on stage and on film, with a key specialism in improvisation AKA "Improv". I apply my expertise to coach and develop skills in: Communication, Performance, presentation, Leadership, Teamwork, Creativity and Innovation.

As an improviser I’ve played to hundreds of delighted audiences – without a script, and without fear! But improv is not simply about comedy - nor is it scarier than jumping out of a plane.

Improv is a stimulating, liberating and 'transformational process' that significantly raises self-confidence; a unique skill set comprised of trainable techniques and methods that can empower anyone to become more communicative, creative and collaborative.

The core principles of improv build life skills, and cultivate stronger connections and understanding in organisations and communities.

Improv changed my life twenty-seven years ago, and I have since witnessed so many "Eureka!" moments in my workshops, it makes it a joy to teach.

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