Bevans Branham

Palm Springs, CA

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Bevans Branham, who is currently based in Palm Springs California, in conjunction with his wife Lorie Branham, originated, produced, and developed a great number of highly innovative restaurants that changed industry standards. These restaurants include My Friends Restaurant & Bar - Evergreen, Colorado, Michael's - Santa Monica, California, Gordon's - Aspen, Colorado and The Rattlesnake Club - Denver, Colorado. Later they collaborated with Philippe Starck developing Restaurant BON in Paris - its much-acclaimed first organic food restaurant. History validates how this amazing collection of restaurants served to unconsciously establish the new food trends, nomenclature and cultural shifts that have been long lasting, sustainable and much loved - changing forever the way America and the world eats, dines and enjoys food.

Meet Bevans Branham and his Family from Bevans Branham on Vimeo.

Lorie and Bevans Branham's commitment continues to evolve, expand and flourish, spiritually and materially, personally and professionally – as "hitmakers," change agents, lovers and givers.

  • Education
    • University of Colorado, Boulder