Bev Clark

Social Media Manager in Harare, Zimbabwe

I'm into community building, PR, marketing, fund raising, graphic design, media strategy and managing social media content.

I've also hired out videos - yip, remember them. I've worked for a tobacco tycoon as her personal assistant (think Devil Wears Prada - one of my assignments was to buy 30 potatoes all roughly the same size for one of her dinner parties - I wasn't invited). I've buttered bread in a sandwich shop in London and I've picked apples in Italy and tomatoes in Australia.

My first company was called Papercut / graphic design and advertising. I started an online initiative that aggregated publishing from the NGO community in Zimbabwe. Kubatana became an award winning media activist initiative with an audience of over 100 000.

These days I'm trying to get WTB! (What The Birthday) off the ground. It's a kickarse concept: I want to use the framework of people's birthdays to generate millions of positive actions globally, every day of the year.

I was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. My father was Scottish and an adventurer. My mother was South African and taught me love. When I'm not in the company of dogs, I seek adventure, small and big, from organising the first ever Drag King show in Harare through to walking for days on end.