Beverlee Parsons

Salina, Utah

I live in Salina with my husband, son, and step-son. I've lived in Utah my entire life. I love the outdoors, fishing, shooting, ATV rides in the mountains, and exploring new trails. I also enjoy cake decorating, flower arranging and many other crafts, and spending time with family and friends.
Last fall I received a promotion from Production Planner at a local manufacturing plant to Regional Supply Chain Planner over that local manufacturing plant as well as a manufacturing plant in WA State and a warehouse in Denver CO. Since the beginning of the year, my employer has been stressing the importance of furthering education and advanced training has become a requirement on my yearly performance and development review. They recently started offering online classes through a third party training company, so I enroll any chance I get. They also offer a tuition reimbursement program which was the basis for my decision to enroll in classes. Because I have been working as a corporate employee for the past year, I have received a greater insight into the functions of Supply Chain Management. I foresee many opportunities within my company in this area and have made the decision to pursue a degree in this field.

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