Always excited to find strong businesses and work with investors to identify and structure investments and exits. I lead and structure capital raising, acquisitions, business deals, and exits for companies across different growth phases. I also develop business plans and go to market strategy and advise founders and Boards to build and scale businesses.

There are plenty of business opportunities but having seen thousands of businesses, it's the people you work with that makes a difference. Being partners means we should be on the same team looking out for each other to achieve a common goal.

Bringing a global perspective with a deep understanding of US and Asia cultures and business environment to work well across cultures with Fortune 500 Executives, investors, founders, and local partners.

With a love for arts and culture (theatre, films, museums, music), I create content and events as well. Yoga makes me incredibly happy and helps me focus and relax and teaches me about life (mat to life lessons!). I also enjoy go-karting, skiing, good food, traveling (beach getaways, fascinating cities, experiencing new cultures) and spending time with good company.