Beverly Claussen

Modesto, CA

As a Possibility Thinker & Inner Balance Coach, I truly enjoy helping people see more possibilities available for them. I use Hypnosis/NLP, Aromatherapy, The One Command and EFT with most clients, depending on their needs. Getting to the core of people's issues can be easier than we ever believed. I'm amazed at how easily and quickly hurts, fears and limiting beliefs are released, opening people up to such a better life, free-er and lighter than ever before. If any of these are desires of yours, I work with people online (Skype or phone) as well as local. You can email me @ for an appointment.

I never believed in putting all my eggs in one basket. I did many kinds of jobs over the years (usually 2 or more at the same time, totally different from each other:) . But when I found holistic health, it became my 'basket', yet I've found many things I Luv to put in that basket. It's taken me over 20 years to learn what I currently know, and I don't intend to stop learning :) And, I've always been a teacher at heart (even as a child with my dolls & sister:), - so, teaching holistic health is kind of natural for me.

As a Possibility Coach, I use many modalities in my coaching business. I enjoy the synergistic enhancement that happens by using more than one healing modality together. I also speak to groups about hope, faith, and healing.

I create personalized cds/mp3 files. Let's talk about your needs, and I can record a deep relaxation/hypnosis recording for you to help. You can hear some samples @

Another creative activity of mine is creating wearable diffusers - you can see these at :

My Certifications include:

Cert. Life Coach/Biz/Personal Mktg.

Commanding Wealth Cert. Circle Leader

Cert. Aromatherapy Instructor (Young Living Essential Oils)

- Teaching Emotional Release w/Essential Oils

- Teaching Raindrop Technique

- Teaching Applied Vitaflex

- Board Cert. Raindrop Specialist

- EFT-CC (under Patricia Carrington in 2002)

- Reiki Master

- Cert. Hypnosis Practitioner & Instructor

- Cert. Master NLP Practitioner & Traner

- Cert. Law of Attraction Master Practitioner

- NSP Herb Specialist & Indep. Dist. (#864460)

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