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Beverly Gallant

Consultant in New Jersey

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Bev Gallant is a Team Beachbody Wellness Coach, Vacation Travel Advisor for over 24 years, founding member of New Jersey Market Council Team Beachbody and Sustainable Heroes.

Since 2013 I've changed my life, lost 40 lbs., got healthier through nutrition, fitness, wellness and healthier mindset. Which in turned helped me to inspire & help others to become a better version of themselves. I help my clients to find their inner strength to gain a healthier lifelong lifestyle with nutrition & 30 minute fitness programs. You don't need much time to get a healthier you. I help make it fun! My goal is to help create a healthier place for all of us to live and enjoy life to the fullest!

I am a Certified Travel Associate, Certified Tahiti Specialist, Elite Cruise Counselor, Southern Europe Specialist and the list goes on and on basically... I'm the "Doctor of Travel". Being a Travelink, American Express Travel Advisor, it's always been engrained in me to treat everyone with the most upright respect and integrity. I take that philosophy into everything I do. I've always been a hard worker with everything I do and it's been proven over in over with my American Express Pacesetter Awards (top awards for Travel Advisors).

I help bring out the ordinary to the extraordinary in so many ways. Which allows me to make the "Once in a Lifetime Dreams Come True"! I've been told I'm the Queen of Coordination. As a Vacation Travel Advisor, I've used my attention to detail coupled with my professional coordinators skills to help bring #DaniellasWish #BullockGarden and #AsterGardens volunteer projects come to life. I have always had a Get it Done Attitude" nothing stops me from achieving our goals. If an issue arise we jump over, around or through it to make the project amazing! With our projects I also help to incorporate nutrition through teaching healthy eating through local organic farming is easy! #WaterBaby

I'm passionate and love everything I do! While some may think my careers are one big vacation and workout. I also enjoy many activities from fishing, scuba diving, travel (of course), snowmobiling, photography. Growing up on a 150 acre farm has planted so many seeds from a very young age & Girl Scouts. Helping others is something I've always done just now on a much bigger platform.

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