BeverlyHills Formula

Beverly Hills Formula is a beauty must-have Whitening Toothpaste; proven to deliver whiter teeth in 1 minute. From sensitive to total enamel protection, there's a BHF toothpaste for you!

We are committed to provide consumers with the best proposition in terms of functionality and design.

Keep your teeth sparkling and have a smile that makes a difference by using Beverly Hills Formula. You will look better and feel healthier, with a smile worthy of a Hollywood superstar.
Company Overview
Beverly Hills Formula is a successful, cult-beauty, tooth whitening brand, with proven toothpastes that deliver whiter teeth in one minute.

Our brand focus is on whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes and other oral care products. The Beverly Hills Formula toothpaste originates from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California and we continually work to improve product formulations, keeping them in line with the latest technological developments and whitening treatments.