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Beverly Hills Chiropractor Dr. Amin Javid heads this chiefly evidence-based chiropractic office whose ability to correctly diagnose lower back pain, chronic neck pain, spinal injury, spinal decompression, headaches, whiplash injury, and heal them with the foundational approach is second to none.

Dr. Amin Javid is a Nationally Published Author in the field of Human Biomechanics. He is one of the industry's most sought after Medical illustrators whose knowledge and expertise has been commissioned by physicians and healthcare institutions around the world.

Dr. Javid has been recruited to review various trauma cases and when deemed appropriate, has provided rationale along with biomechanical schematics depicting the likely etiology of trauma. Dr. Javid is a chiefly Evidence-Based physician whose ability to correctly diagnose and treat patients resides in his 'Whole Body' approach.

Treating the whole body is solely dependent upon having an intimate understanding of each of its individual parts. Mechanical dysfunction (of non- traumatic origin) is practically certain to cause or be caused by dysfunction in another region of the body. The musculoskeletal chain of the human body is precisely the reason why Non-invasive, Safe, medical intervention such as chiropractic care.