Beverly Likewater Jackson

I go by the name Likewater.. It was giving to me because of my dance skills, He watched me dance at the Shelter one Sunday morning.. I was feeling the music, when a tap on my shoulder, I opened my eyes to here, Your dance is FlUID..I said "FlUID"? HE said yeah! Your dance skills are like water, your moves are smooth, and you flow with the music.. that was 10 yrs ago and I still love that name.. Thank You Chris for the name and admiration. I love to dance to express myself, a way to let it out, do my bird calls and laugh while I dance the night away.. the laughter is the joy I feel inside.. .It fells good, my body is relaxed, I have dance memories while dancing with my eyes closed, The Music Got Me was the start of it all..that song filled me with Emotion, and Passion.. Beverly has been on this dance scene since 1981.. she was a member of the Paradise Garage, which got her to know the Owner and the famous Larry Levan.. the Garage was the start of her passion of wanting to do events and parties.. Today she is the Founder & CEO of Fluid. The Likewater Movement, she promotes and works with DJ Pookey of New Beginnings, as a host and event planner.. Dancing is her second passion.. New Beginnings has been doing parties around the Metro Area for 7years.. and is still going strong.. Party Planner, Lyrical Dancer, Drummer and Host. Be Fluid.. Let Your Body FLow