Bev Hepting

Public Speaker, Small Business Owner, and Teacher in Winterborne Whitechurch, United Kingdom

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Growing up, I had two loves. One was the stage and speaking, the other was helping others do the same. So I followed the road to London and spent 3 years at a top Theatre Academy training to be an actress. On leaving with my diploma I worked with many community theatre groups and loved every minute of it. Needing to earn a little more money than they paid at that time, I went on to work with charities and voluntary groups, and helped vulnerable people find their place in life. I also ran a small Theatre school and trained children and adults in Speech, Voice and Drama. Later through my work with charities and the voluntary sector, I trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and found, even more, ways to help people change their lives, become more confident and tell their story. Now living in lovely Dorset, I put all those skills together knowing that as a trained actress, a teacher in speech and Voice, an NLP Master Practitioner and experience of working with people with low confidence – I can help you overcome your anxiety in public speaking.

I have spoken at small events and large global conferences and have a clear system to help you overcome your fears of speaking to a large audience.

I gained qualifications in:

Diploma Theatre and Voice

Degree in Media Production

Level 7 in Leadership

NLP Master Practioner

And experience in working in Radio and TV. Coaching and training individuals and groups. Running organisations.

Often the fears you feel can be overcome by understanding exactly what your job is as a presenter and public speaker. My 6 step system looks at

Knowing what your message is and being really clear about it

Structure of your presentation or speech so that you know how to put it together

Your state of mind before you go on to speak. Changing negative thoughts to positive ones

Working with the audience to make the experience interactive

How to use your voice and use it to influence and enthuse

Putting it all together to become a confident Public Speaker

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