Bradley Bevins

Perry, Oklahoma

Humbly I submit that I am a person of many talents, interests, insights, and flaws.

I have been accused of being a dreamer. Some would say I sing like an angel. I grasp complex concepts rapidly. I'm always walking around the outside of the box I'm suppose to be thinking my way out of.

I excel at many forms of communication: written, spoken, read, explored, enjoyed acted out, admonished, taught... No one walks away from me believing for a second I did not hear what they had to say, hear all they did not want to say as expressed in minute non-verbal ways, or that I failed to give back to them the entire essence of the message I received from them.

I even moved an entire corporate culture and it's communication style by "holding accountable" the entire corporate structural team to the issues and problems given to them by both internal and external customers. I helped "empowering" them to solve those problems in positive ways. I helped encourage "transparency" from the lowest to the highest postilions. I helped develop tools for quick, effective, transparent communication where each was held accountable for their words and actions. This moved a horrible and seemingly hopeless internal and external customer record to a very positive customer experience for all within six months.

I am a Geek and a Nerd long before those terms were warm and affectionate.

  • Work
    • Creative Labs, Inc.
  • Education
    • Jenks High School
    • Oklahoma Christian University