Bevis Chester

Director in the United Kingdom

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I believe success comes from finding the right people to connect with, learning about people and their experiences/passions, learning something new everyday, and building off those relationships. It's all about who you know and building out your business.

Bevis Chester is from United Kingdom based in London, an Engineer and have been an Engineer over 30 years and he . Got married to a French lady Diana year 2000 and they both had a daughter Juliet Chester in the year 2008.He lost his wife on Leukemia cancer year 2010 then his daughter was just 2 years old. He has traveled more than 15 countries and have had so many amazing experiences and currently now in United Kingdom where he a two years working contract with the Woburn Energy PLC. Has a house in London, New York city, and also Australia, He is a wealthy man and also a single dad who loves his daughter more than one can possibly imagine, He thinks she reminds her so much of his late wife whom he loves so much and he does have much friends and he is a very quiet and generous man