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Hi, Bev here and welcome to my I love meeting other Christians or folks who are simply grand, inspiring, motivational and of a positive and supportive nature.

Just to share a bit about me; I love blogging about my interests, things I'm into or generally things I love doing. I love sharing my thoughts and opinions at times. I love reading and networking with others of similar interests.

Now to share a bit about my "lifestyle" journey. I started this particular journey this year (2014). You see, on August 3rd leading up to August 4th, I rushed myself into the emergency room with chest complications. Only to discover, I was suffering a heart attack or a milder term as described by the health team...heart complications.

Well, to sum this up a bit let's just say, my life hasn't been the same since. I've attempted to change eating habits as well as exercise, which I'm doing more of. Not only, am I tackling a cardiac diet, but also a cholesterol and diabetic diet as well. As you can see, I discovered my "numbers" well all out of whack. That finding added more fuel to my fire and gave me even more determination to challenge my new journey.

I know the walk will be a long and tough one, but I have to walk this healthy walk the remainder of my blessed life. I feel the Lord has given me another chance to experience the blessings and realize the value of life. To know that it's never to be taken for granted and to live it with the deepest love, happiness and appreciation ever! To cherish every hour, minute and second of each day.

I'm on this journey to win...may the Lord continue to share his loving light, favor and blessings! Thanks for reading and God bless.

P.S., I've included a new photo at the top of me, after the heart complications. This is the new and improved updated healthier version of, me...LoL


Lately, I've found comfort in reading, writing, online social medias and building my website business. I am also on Google+ sharing my heart out about the goodness of the Lord.

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