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Bev Stayart is suing a worldwide dating service, Various, d/b/a AdultFriendFinder, for the misappropriation of her name to display advertising for its dating service. In his April, 2012 decision in the case, Judge James Carlson, of Walworth County, Wisconsin, ruled that the allegations in Bev Stayart's complaint stated a cause of action for misappropriation of her name under Wisconsin's privacy statute. Previously, Judge Rudolph Randa of Milwaukee federal court gave Bev Stayart authorization to proceed in state court based on similar allegations. Judge James Carlson specifically held that Bev Stayart did not have to be a celebrity to sue Various. The Wisconsin privacy statute only requires that the plaintiff be a living person. Judge Carlson acknowledged that Bev Stayart, through her counsel, complained in writing to Various' counsel about the misappropriation of her name before she filed her lawsuit. Judge Carlson also ruled that none of Various' arguments rang true as an absolute defense to Bev Stayart's lawsuit.

Judge James Carlson's April, 2012 ruling in Bev Stayart's favor and against Various was reported in the Janesville, Wisconsin Gazette and in Walworth County Today. Judge James Carlson's decision was also picked up by radio station WCLO 1230 AM in Janesville. Various, d/b/a AdultFriendFinder, has lost at every turn. Various was rebuked by Milwaukee federal court Judge J. P. Stadtmueller for its failed attempt to remove Bev Stayart's case to Milwaukee federal court in October, 2011. In remanding Bev Stayart's case to Walworth County, Wisconsin, where Bev Stayart filed it, Judge J. P. Stadtmueller stated, "Removal of this action [by Various] was improper."

Three Wisconsin judges have now ruled in Bev Stayart's favor and against Various.

Bev Stayart is an animal rights advocate who supports the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act. While Congressional action effectively closed the last United States slaughterhouse in 2007, tens of thousands of horses are still exported to Mexico and Canada annually for slaughter and shipment of the meat to lucrative markets in Asia and Europe. Bev Stayart calls for Congress to pass the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act, which will protect horses from slaughter and ban their export for slaughter in foreign countries.

Bev Stayart adds to her flower garden every spring. Some of her favorite plants include hollyhocks, giant Pacific blue delphiniums, hydrangeas and daylilies. Other favorites

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