Musician, Art Director, and Designer in Tangerang, Indonesia

Hello there...

My name is Andra Pratama, i love music and art. music and art is like something who can always communicate everything what i feel. Sometimes I like to write and make a song but its just for fun like a cup of coffee, who always make me fun. I really like coffee black or white i love thats all and i never want to start my day before coffee then I also like to playing drum and became a drummer for my band.

I was studying at Multimedia Nusantara University and course at Hellomotion Academy for Design Communication Visual (Graphic Design, Motion Graphic, Video Editing, layout, logo, digital art, etc). I started as a Freelance Graphic Designer since i was a university student, helping a friends finish they homework and get fee. i choose to be a freelance designer till now it because i have another business.

Finally BEWSMARK, i choose that name as my personal branding. BEWSMARK consist by two word, "BEWS" and "MARK". BEWS is how my friends call me. they say it because beard on my face. "beard" in BAHASA is BEWOK so they call me BEWS. Day after dayi hear they call me BEWS then i think BEWS is not bad, so i use that name in my life but i feel like something missing so i add "MARK" on the last who become "BEWSMARK".

btw Beside of music and art i usually do my hobbies like Photograph, Traveling, culinary hunt, car and motorcycle modification

thank : )

  • Education
    • Multimedia Nusantara
    • SMK Telkom Sandhy Putra Jakarta