Bruce Excell

I was born in Honduras, January 1932 of Jamaican parents who met, and got married there before returning to Jamaica in 1933.

I was educated in Jamaica, firstly at Camperdown High, then Jamaica College, before attending Howard University, where I got my degree in Civil Engineering.

My professional career has been varied and interesting, having designed bauxite handling facilities for Kaiser bauxite Co., at Spur Tree - Jamaica, designed freeways for the California Division of Highways - District 7 Los Angeles, supervised housing development for Trinidad Home developers - Trinidad - West Indies - designed and built sewage treatment systems in Jamaica, Antigua, St Lucia. Family health issues triggered my return to the United States, but that phase is currently under control, and having been introduced to Elite Business Nation, a new and intresting phase of my life has started to evolve, and I am excited about my remaining years. At 82 there is an old quote that springs to light "It's better to wear out than rust out"