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Rebecca Clarke


Over four years of digital communications experience in the NFP & ethical sector with a year agency side, and one year of food sustainability expertise.


I've managed to break a Word Record with 24 events across 24 London boroughs in 24 hours, eating the most Fairtrade bananas ever, with the determination of local campaigners.

I've helped to launch the first Fairtrade certified beauty products in the UK.

I've built an online community across the UK & US around the feature documentary PLANEAT, backed by WWF & Meat Free Monday.

I've helped Fairtrade Cola get onto the shelves at a Waitrose near you.

I've helped train the IAB on how to Tweet.

I've made sure that Peroni UK were the first premium beer brand to embrace Tumblr.

I've delivered a wide range of exciting coverage for Social Media Week 2012, with the mighty team Chinwag

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"There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly" R.Buckminster Fuller