Rebecca Moi

Portland, ME


I'm an atheist liberal who is also pro-gun (my job actually dovetails very closely with firearms & the right to bear them), & a straight ally who is very much pro-equality (the Yes On 1 victory party, when marriage equality passed in Maine, was one of the happiest evenings of my life).

Born & raised in Maine (the uncool part). Spent well over a decade in the dirty south, & a couple of years in San Francisco. Now I'm back... to let you know.. I can really shake 'em down.

I love yurts. I prefer savory food for breakfast. I think Swiffers are evil. I am a devout Browncoat.

Not much angers/frustrates/saddens me more than self-righteous people who try to spread their ignorant beliefs (be it via 'witnessing', unwarranted judgment of others, or legislation).

I collect weird people.