Rebecca Clarke

Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

The basics..... I'm 23 and Welsh currently living in the beautiful city of Wellington, New Zealand with my pea head other half Corey :)
I am constantly on a quest to share my love of beauty, fashion, travel, art etc etc etc.
My story with food however has started very recently, anyone who knows me would label me a fussy eater, and to be honest I always have been (and still a little now) BUT since moving to New Zealand in September 2014 I have opened my eyes to trying new foods and cooking some pretty great food! I call myself a part time *veggie because I have been a vegetarian on and off for years but just cannot resist a bit of chicken here and there. Exploring vegetarian and vegan dishes is what has sparked my interest in cooking and I would like to share what I have learnt because I am always searching for blogs with cooking and recipe ideas, so here is my modern cook book, ENJOY!!!!