Pablo Lopez

Student, Artist, and Life Coach in East Los Angeles, California

Pablo Lopez

Student, Artist, and Life Coach in East Los Angeles, California

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First Generation Xicano from El Monte, with a magnificent obsession for Service.

All things Cardio since I could crawl. Rocking the jungle gym, skateboarding, cross country, urban cycling, #EcoCardio. Recognized La Zapatista struggle in high school & passionate about Serving our most vulnerable populations. Higher Ed & Food, Inc opened my eyes to Social Determinants of Health. For example, Latinas have higher Diabetes. I'm commited to Latina Health, Wealth, & Empowerment because they are the core of La Causa 2.0.

Learned Community Organizing in Pomona, Health Advocacy in Sacramento, & Immigrant Rights training all over Southern California. An amazing mentor, Prof. Jose Calderon (Pitzer), set the model to Organize and invited us students, day laborers, Community to spend a week at La Paz in Bakersfield. Cesar Chavez was buried there and today his foundation is nearby. The Chavez family received us, we listened to their Stories, we visited farmworkers that blessed the foundation of La Causa, & visited Agbayani Village, 40 acres, Delano...

We helped organize United Farm Workers, UFW, inventory, archives, & found a lot of picket signs from the 60s & 70s. We repurposed them for an action to Ban Pesticides, made UFW eagle banners, flags, signs, and marched near a giant shopping center. The news got a glimpse of us and that week, California BANNED the use of the pesticide Methyl Iodide!!!


Dolores Huerta joined our group & invited us to help save a migrant health program that Kern county was set to dismantle. We showed up, we chanted, & we represented the Community. On the ride home, we got a call from Dolores saying we Saved the Program!

Si Se Puede!!!

We returned to La Paz shortly after for the UFW 50yr Celebration! An amazing event full of reflection, and hope for the future. We were documenting stories from Farm Workers from all over the world at the UFW booth, when I saw, then First Latina Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, walk in with secret service. I introduced myself, we both are from the San Gabriel Valley, Cal Poly Pomona, & she even had a frame of Cinco Puntos (El Monte, CA) hanging at the White House.

In short time, we returned AGAIN to welcome President Obama to designate La Paz a National Historic Monument. I'll never forget seeing Helen Chavez (Cesar's Wife), next to Dolores & Hilda. We are making herstory...

La Lucha Sigue!

Latinas make roughly HALF of what a Gringo makes but...

Latinas are the fastest