Doug Lewis

I am dedicated to looking beyond the obvious and expressing my findings or opinion. In an ever chaotic world environment I believe individuals need to remain situationaly aware of a rapidly changing reality. What is really happening?

. Is government representing your better interests?

. Is the finacial system fair and equitable?

- Have Corporations usurped governance?

The categories of threat or opportunity (depending upon perspective) include:

Global economy. In 2007 was seen to be ripe for collapse, through universal corruption.

Global climate shifting. In 2007 was seen to be escalating, through cyclic solar system movements.

Global man made threat. In 2007 was seen to be more and more potent and prevalent. Through ill-advised, reckless profit motivated implementation of "progressive" science and technologies.

The combined effect of these runaway conditions contributes to...

Socio economic collapse, which is a result, not the cause for alarm.