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Beyond Security Review

Beyond Security Review offers clients testimonials and insight of the company

“We are very impressed with the beSTORM product. One notable feature is its flexibility in adding new and proprietary protocols. We are actively expanding the usage of beSTORM in our overall product portfolio as part of the standard security testing procedure.”

- A A, Senior Director at large equipment manufacturer

"Beyond Security brings a serious team to the process, and it seems that its approach is solid and novel. We also like that the product leverages the team’s core competence in maintaining the SecuriTeam knowledge bank"

- Nick Selby, the 451 group

We have been looking for software that has it all for our company. We been looking for product that features Advanced Debugging and Stack Tracing.Our company has had so many issues that something had to be done.

We are very pleased with the results and will use Bestorm al the time.

Thanks Jonathan
Advanced Lighting Tech