Karen Mommsen

I am a recent college Television graduate who knows that my degree means more than just making a sit-com. My education has given me the backbone to work in Photography, Advertising, Marketing and Soical Media. Being creative and standing out is not only what I want to do but who I am.

I am the quick witted, sarcastic, smart ass who will both put you in your place and sell your favorite product. My background in bussiness has helped me realize how to deal with costumers as well as how to sell to them. Combine my training in Television that has given me the back bone to understand everyone else's elements and I am the person a company must have.

I understand that todays society is only capable of understanding images in small amounts. That our soicety is to busy to judge anything for more than 10 seconds, and if there is an app attached then they want it. All of the above industries also tie into the mobile market as well. We (myself included) are all attached to our phones, if we can get it to our phone chances are the attention span may have just doubled. Companies need to realize that and take advantage of it. And then use the social media out reach to expand the amount of costumers they have the possiablity of reaching.