researcher beyondthebullring

Birmingham, UK

I came to Birmingham, UK, from a tiny Somerset village in 2006 for University. I was desperate to come to a big city - the village that I grew up in had served it's purpose and I was ready for big city life. I didn't know what to expect and I started out not being able to sleep because of the noise and thoroughly enjoying Broad Street.

Thankfully I've moved on since then, I can sleep and have learnt about more fun things than Walkabout and Risa (although they can be fun)!

I'm not a media-type (whatever that means), I work in education and am just really bloody keen on the city and think it gets a bad rep so wanted to write about it. I'm also not a super duper writer. Apparently I write like I talk, therefore I suppose BeyondtheBullring is quite a personal site but I hope people enjoy it and find it useful.

As I think I have written in my introduction, the site is not a review site and will not always be completely up to date and perfect so please forgive me for that... I will try though!