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Beyond the Cage

Considered to be the first and only company specializing in fine art from the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), Beyond the Cage offers an exclusive line of artwork produced from images by renowned photographer Eric Williams. Beyond the Cage chose to work with Mr. Williams due to his superb reputation in the MMA community, having worked with Chuck Liddell, Georges St-Pierre, Dan Henderson, Rashad Evans, and other accomplished fighters. Beyond the Cage utilizes the latest technologies to produce artwork on a variety of mediums, including canvas, paper, metal, and high-definition acrylic.

In recent years, Anderson “the Spider” Silva has been widely recognized as the best all-around fighter in the world. He currently holds the title of UFC Middleweight Champion, as well as a 13-fight winning streak. Beyond the Cage includes numerous hand-signed pieces of art depicting Silva, former featherweight legend Urijah Faber, and fan favorite Wanderlei Silva. Committed to offering an all-inclusive selection of MMA artwork and memorabilia, Beyond the Cage also offers artwork featuring founding fathers from MMA, such as Dan Henderson and Randy Couture. The images can be seen online at