Beza Faris

Los Angeles, California u.s.A.

A photographer in the Los Angeles area, Beza Faris has experienced much of the world. Born in Ethiopia, she was living in Italy by the time she was 9 years old. At age 16, she moved to the United States, where with her first paycheck she purchased a camera to capture the important moments of her life. This broad life experience has given Beza Faris a unique aesthetic sense as well as a love of photography. She strives to use her photographic skills to show people other sides of the world as well as illustrate its natural beauty. In addition to photography, she enjoys fine arts, Italian culture, horseback riding, and volleyball.

Beza Faris currently works for Hair Magic, an organization that provides South African beauty products to individuals across the world. Since coming to the United States with her family 1997, she has continued to travel, having driven across the country and visited more than 15 states.

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