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‘Airport Safety’ is a civil and military portal information, which has been created with the passion to management of civil aviation safety. Originally, the portal has been launched to deliver the information about airport safety and security but finally we have also decided to extend the range of our services with military field.

‘Airport Safety’ was established in October of 2014. However, the conception of portal run much earlier.

If your knowledge or experience is related with our service profile, write to us and share out this information with other users. Our team is not just a group of safety and security specialists but also people who are like you - aviation enthusiasts, plane’s spotters or 3D Sketchfab aircraft’s models. If you are in this kind of group – write to us! SAFETY IS NOT JUST A SLOGAN, IT IS A WAY OF LIFE! Be member of our team.

We publish information in English and Polish language. Why don’t we translate the texts of interviews or articles? We don’t want to lose valuable linguistic content.

Why are we special?
On our page you can find scientific publications, interesting interviews based on the personal experiences as well as military soldier as the pilot of an aircraft or ground traffic controller. We also have a professional photo gallery and 3D aircraft models. What else? We are on ( and social site (

We cooperate with many interesting people, univerities and companies. Lotniskowiec is one of the greatest picture's blog on facebook, which is related with aviation. Just go and check your out

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