Brenna Fairweather

UMass Amherst Graduate in Toms River, New Jersey

I am a highly qualified recent graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a wide range of field experience in Individual Support and Community Habilitation services, and a determination for helping others through therapeutic services.

I am dedicated, kind-hearted, and empathetic towards others emotions and the difficulties they face throughout life. I strive to provide a calming environment and trustworthy relationship in order to successfully work with others. I aim to engage in mutually respectful relationships in my personal and work life as a therapist and will not easily give up on others. It is important for me to show understanding, unbiased, and non-judgmental points of view when assisting each individual in solving or discussing their personal complications. I aspire to use these skills and knowledge to help others through therapy and counseling services.

Within the next couple months, I will be researching and applying to several graduate programs to receive a Masters in Social Work. During my time off from school I plan to further gain psychology experience working with hospitals, schools, mental health associations, and the board of social services. After furthering my education, I will use my previous field experience as well as my Masters degree to become a certified therapist or counselor. My ultimate goal is to work hands on with others and help them overcome the many obstacles mental illness may bring them.

Skills: Patience, Perserverance, Organization