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Chris Foster

Barnsley, England, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm a 21 year old trapped in a 42 year old's body, catching up with things I didn't do due to concentrating on the career ladder early in life! I finally jumped from one frying pan into another fire and became a 'Copper' in 2003 after reaching the diszzy heights of Deputy Head and Maths Consultant in my Educational career. I am a proud dad of 2 amazing girls (18 and 14), and am happily married to Rachel since 1993 (I'm happy, not sure whether she is!!!). I was previously a primary teacher (after Leeds Uni) for 9+ years and now a 'Bobby' for 11+ years, having just achieved another promotion (I know I said I wouldn't but...). I have had some written work published, having considered myself a bit of a football writer and I am an aspiring novelist. I LIVE football and care passionately about Barnsley FC, a vice which I have inflicted upon my daughters. I am aiming for being able to live my dreams and escape the rat race, but time marches on and the bread must be won eh???

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