Benedetta Ferraro

Since starting her voiceover career in 1994, Benedetta has become one of the leading Italian voices in the UK regularly working both in Italian and English. Her unique identity has won her long-term clients including Discovery Channel, Sky TV (Italy and UK), Cartoon Network Italy, Boomerang, ESPN Classic Sport, Bloomberg TV, CNN, Playboy TV, MTV, Hallmark TV, Aviva News and National Geographic. She regularly works for RAI (Tg1, Tg2, Tg3) as well as being the voice of JimJam TV. Benedetta has voiced numerous TV and radio commercials both in Italian and English. Her client list includes Vanish, Expedia Italy, Muller Amore, Alitalia, Nokia, Vodafone, Samsung, FIAT, BT, The Observer, The Times, British Airways and many more. Her voice is also in great demand for toys. She is the Italian Furby and the voice of Fisher-Price “Laugh & Learn” toys in Italy. Amongst the many others are the Star Wars official toys as Queen Amidala, and the ET official toys as Elliot, also Twister Moves, Hulk, Cluedo, and Whac-a-mole. Another area she specializes is narration for guided tours in museums and art/photography exhibitions. Her voice will lead you around the British Museum, the Tate Modern, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Louvre, Graceland (Elvis Presley Museum – she plays Priscilla and Lisa Marie), Versailles, Hampton Court, Sterling Castle, Guggenheim Museums in New York, Bilbao, Venice and Berlin, Buckingham Palace's Banqueting House, Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle and on the Original Tour Bus Company in London, amongst others. Her acting skills can instead be heard in radio plays such as the BBC4 “A Thousand Days In Venice” and numerous video games including: Metal Gear Solid, Pacman, Gran Turismo 4, Half Life, Half Life 2, Star Trek, G-Police, Medieval, Medieval 2, Colony Wars, Hitman, WDL Warjets, Tetrus, Ape Escape, Destrega, Syphon Philter, Civ 3, Drakon, Global Domination, Beast Wars, Klingons, Falcon, Mech Commander, Xcom, Jak And Daxter, Cubix, Mashed, etc Some of her other voiceover work includes projects as varied as: voicing the Nortel Networks launch campaign in Italy, SAP Development Solutions and Hilton University tuition courses, Denzo Car Navigation Systems for Jaguar and Toyota, Lowrance Car Navigation tool, Sony Playstation 2 Broadband Instruction Video and many Italian Language courses. She can present on camera and sing professionally.