Bonnie Murphy

Anchorage, Alaska

Bonnie Murphy is an Alaskan business owner & personal trainer specializing in fitness for mature bodies. She’s been in the field for over 20 years helping others achieve their health & wellness goals while creating a close-knit community of support and encouragement.

Testimonial: "Each person who walks through the doors of bfit & well becomes a member of our very special community. Bonnie works hard to create an environment which is immediately accepting and warm for any woman who seeks support along their journey into wellness. Sessions are scheduled around private & group fitness, but within those minutes, infinitely more is shared. Successes, family struggles, friendships, camaraderie, art, hugs, high fives, and encouraging words are knit into the lessons on proper body mechanics, the reminders to breathe, and the suggestions to push harder. Magic happens here. Women blossom, and succeed. Whether it is getting up from the floor unassisted for the first time, being able to perform a leg press from a wheelchair, or finally being able to get off of medication due to health improvements, Bonnie’s clients all benefit from her desire to prove to each and every person that they are worth the effort it takes to build a healthy life."