DJ, Musician, and Interior architect in Leest, België

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Music has always been a passion of DJ BFL. In the summer of 2009 he decided to follow his passion and become a deejay. Through the years he developed an unique music style in which he integrates RnB, Commercial Music, House & Urban Music during his livesets.

Started From The bottom!

It has all begun at local and private party's. From there on he started to experiment in youth and in dancing bars. He growed and got himself playing in different clubs like La Rocca, Room, Reflex, Noxx and Carré. The organisation of Carré was so impressed, that they even awarded BFL with a spot on different festivals. Sunrise Festival, Sunset Festival and Daydream Festival are examples of those awards.

Beside his achivements he also created an own concept together with his manager, named The Club Experience. TCE stands for a perfect blend of everything you experience in a club and everything you encounter at the most ordinary places. DJ BFL already has a big appreciation in the eyes of the smaller public and people start to recognize his style. He is an upcoming deejay who has only one target, to share his passion with a big audience.